“Should Muslims support LGBT equality to stop Islamophobia?” A Glimpse Into CSDA (Critical Sufi Discourse Analysis): Dr. Shadee Elmasry & Negative Occidentalism-Orientalism Hybridity

So far on this blog, I’ve been focusing on Salafi texts using CSDA (Critical Salafi Discourse Analysis), now I want to turn to another form of CSDA that I’ve coined ‘Critical Sufi Discourse Analysis.’ The framework is the same as with Salafis, both groups are cut from the same cloth, however in today’s post, I want to look at the ways in which some Sufi sects use the power of discourse to keep their congregants in control while promoting intolerance towards others through negative Occidentalism. 
Oddly, Sufis are usually viewed in a more positive light than Salafis when discussing extremism, but whenever I read about mainstream Muslims writing against Salafis because of their one-sided practice of Salafi Islam, I cringe at the suggestion that the natural alternative is Sufi Islam. To be clear, there are Jihadist and Takfiri strains of Sufism that exist in both the Muslim and non-Muslim majority countries such as that practiced by the Taliban. Historically, there have also been instance…

Eiid Mubarak to the Fam!

Wishing Eiid Mubarak to all of my Muslim children, Muslim relatives, and to all of my Muslim acquaintances as the days of fasting come to an end!

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